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Ava Missouri search
Powder Valley Nature Center to host "Into the Woods" event Oct. 14 was well attended and fun
Tri-SAR was called by the Douglas County Sheriff's office to assist 4-States SAR and others to find a missing Alzheimer lady on a farm west of Ava. After about 3 hours of searching the lady was found. The family was very greatful it was a wonderful day.
Tri-SAR was asked to attend a meeting several weeks ago for planning of an event by the Missouri Department of Conservation. We helped with a pack check station and footprint demo. Put on 3 Hug a Tree programs in the beautiful auditorium. As a follow-up Ed Kriska received a wonderful thank you email from the Powder Valley staff saying plan on doing this next year.
Tri-SAR is hosting a SAR Tech 3 class at Camp Wyman November 3-4-5. The class is being presented by Ed Kriska of Krient, LLC. This is a NASAR certified training. Contact Ed Kriska for reservations and class requirements. His email edkriska@gmail.com or 314-619-4446

Training was a fun weekend. Lots of good food and learning. Even some of us old timers needed a refresher on some items. As for the class, ALL of Tri-SAR members are Sar-Tech III or higher certified. Thanks to Ed Kriska.
ILEAS Officers Receive Search and Navigation Training at William Lewis Scout Camp
Sar Tech III Class
This past week members of Tri-SAR went to Warren Lewis Scout Camp and assisted in training 50 members of ILEAS in Search Technics and procedures. The officers were trained in map and compass and basic search methods to get them familiar with what goes on when you call a search team to assist in finding a lost person.

After lunch they were taken outside to do dome hands on work with compass and line searching for evidence. They also learned how to do a pace count and site headings.

The officers had so much fun they want to schedule a follow up class in the spring for just map and compasw.
December activities for Tri-SAR members enjoyed
The month of December has been a busy time for all of us with work and holiday calibration but some of us had time for some fun.

*Dec 10 There was a Christmas concert to enjoy at Meramac Community college where our Lynda Dahlen was a performer.

*Dec 21 Some of us were observed having a visit and lunch with our Chief at the Dew Drop Inn in Bloomsdale MO. It was a wonderful time with good food.,