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We are Tri-SAR, a Search and Rescue team made up of about 20 persons,.  We have a common goal of searching for missing persons.   We are a total volunteer team and function utilizing donations and grants.  We are proud to be a 501(c)(3) organization. We provide education and prevention to our team, the general public and other first responders. Implementing programs such as HUG A TREE and K-9 demonstrations (upon request) at schools, churches and public events.   We have nationally certified instructors who provide education for other searchers, search teams and emergency responders.

We are an emergency response team.  This entails working with local fire, police and emergency management agencies, as well as state and federal agencies, in the Missouri and Illinois areas. We do not self-deploy, call families, or charge for our services.
What we provide takes time and dedication with continual education and training. We utilize technology such as computers, mapping software, K-9 tracking collars and GPS (global positioning) units.

We all have education through the Nation Association of Search and Rescue, certifications from the National Incident Management System also referred to as Incident Command System, and CPR Training.  Some are Paramedics.  Several members are instructors for NASAR (National Association of Search and Rescue), and two of our members are Lead Instructor and Evaluators for NASAR.   All of our training requires continuing education. This requires volunteer time and money. All of our members must have SAR Tech 3, ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, ICS 800.    Our Search Managers, we have two, are required to have ICS 300, and ICS 400, AFRCC (Air Force Rescue Coordination Center), Planning Section Chief and MLPI (Managing Lost Person Incident). 

 Updates - Received thank you from Missouri Department of Conservation - VMD 2017 is History - SAR Tech 3 coming soon